1. Recording
    Whether it's in the Studio or a Live Sound setting, capture high quality audio recordings of vocals, instruments, speech and effects that's geared towards making commercial ready music and videos.
  2. Mixing
    Uses both analogue and digital technology to process single or multiple tracks down to a final mix that's made ready for commercial music, radio, TV, film, and commercials.
  3. Dj
    10 years of experience entertaining crowds of all ages and backgrounds combined with a working knowledge of song structure and music theory makes Slim's performance unmatched.
  4. Installs & Repair
    Whether you're adding additional equipment or repairing a problematic sound system, carefully steps are taken towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  5. Videography
    Uses meticulous and advance editing skills to produce a finish product that's inline with both your vision and with public broadcasting standards.
  6. Photography
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Audio Services